Saturday, 26 April 2014

Belted Kingfisher Birds | Interesting Facts & Latest Pictures

Belted Kingfishers are stocky, substantial headed flying creatures with a shaggy peak on the top and again of the head and a straight, thick, pointed bill. Their legs are short and their tails are medium length and square-tipped.these kingfishers are powder blue above with fine, white spotting on the wings and tail. The underparts are white with an expansive, blue bosom band. Females likewise have an expansive corroded band on their paunches. Adolescents show spasmodic corroded spotting in the bosom band. 
Belted Kingfisher is a long tunnel and regularly inclines tough. One conceivable purpose behind the tough incline is on account of flooding the chicks will have the capacity to make due circulating everywhere pocket shaped by the hoisted end of the tunnel. 
Belted Kingfisher has a wide extend crosswise over North America, Central America and the West Indies to northern South America. t just breeds in North America, yet throughout the winter, flying creatures move from colder, more northern scopes to mild or tropical areas. 
The Belted Kingfisher is regularly seen roosted noticeably on trees, posts, or other suitable "watchpoints" near water before plunging in head first after its fish prey. They additionally consume creatures of land and water, little shellfish, bugs, little vertebrates and reptiles.
 Belted Kingfishe
 Belted Kingfishe
 Belted Kingfishe

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